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There is a lot to know about ordering promotional products, but with our expertise and experience we aim to make it easy and painless for you! Here are some common questions, but your circumstances may be different, so call us with your individual needs.

    *  If we don't have the answer we'll certainly try and find out for you!
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Frequently Asked Questions about-
pricing, minimum quantities, branding of your logo, delivery times and freight.

Proton Promotional is a full service Promotional Company, not an online shopping site and we are well aware that all of our customer's needs are unique and are best handled on a personal basis. However, here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you, and feel free to call us to find out how to get the best possible results from your promotions budget.

Q. What is the minimum quantity I can buy of any one item?

A. Often it is more a question of order value. For most items the minimum economical order value is $1000 + GST. However, this can vary. Some locally produced orders can be lower value, and some fully imported items need significantly higher volumes and values. Call us with your needs, we will always try to help or advise you.

Q. What is the fee for interstate freight and/or local delivery?

A. Every day we are shipping promotional merchandise to and from all over Australia and overseas. Call us with your delivery location requirements and we can give you a final costing including delivery right to your door.

Q. How long will it take to produce my branded items?

A. The estimated delivery time usually starts from the point at which you sign-off on the final art proof. This may take a few business days depending on whether the artwork you supply is workable or whether we have to make significant changes to it. Once the proof is signed off the delivery can take between 10 - 15 business days for locally produced orders and 6 - 14 weeks for fully imported orders. Every order is different and we will confirm the estimated delivery time with you at the time you place your order. BUT....If you have a specific date for an event that you are using the goods for you must inform us at the time of your order, and besides, it is good policy to always leave some extra time up your sleeve!!

Feel free to call us toll free on 08 94812800, or email us at with your questions. We?re here to help !

Tip: Why not email us a copy of your logo and we can offer you advice on how to best reproduce it and provide you with a visual concept!

Decoration Options

In the industry when you brand an item it is referred to as "decorating". These are the most common methods:


Can be used on all apparel including shirts, jackets, jumpers, scarves, hats, caps and beanies. Towels and bags can also be embroidered.
Embroidery is cost effective for small runs, lasts as long as the garment, can use up to 12 colours at a time. The logo being reproduced is digitised by using special software which then calculates the cost of the embroidery based on the number of stitches in the design and the number of items being embroidered. With a multitude of threads available to suit almost any PMS colour, shade or application required, embroidery is an effective option when wanting to create a strong and lasting impression.

Screen Printing

Process printing provides excellent reproduction quality when a full colour logo is required. It is long-lasting and heavy duty making it ideal for back packs, apparel and sports bags. It can generally be used on any product that has a flat surface or can be made flat to allow for a reasonable print area. In this process, an art screen is placed over an item and ink is then applied over the screen (each colour requires an individual screen). Prints can be done using metallic, high density silicon, nylon, glitter, rubber or your standard plastisol inks. They can be flat, raised, puff print and other variations.

Sublimation Printing

This is the process of transferring a photo or picture from a sheet and applying it to an object such as shirts or coffee mugs, stubby holders and is ideal for creating a unique look.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is most commonly used for decorated metal products. However, not all metal products suit this type of decoration. Items with a matt silver finish generally produce a minimal contrast and can be difficult to see. This can be overcome by oxidising the product before laser engraving to produce a darker finish. Laser engraving is permanent and lasts for the life of the product. The ability to engrave variable information such as individual names or sequential numbering is one of the great advantages of using this technique.

Digital Transfer

Digital transfer, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of a digital image or design onto a physical medium. This is achieved through the use of a printer, which deposits the design onto a transfer paper. The design is then applied to the desired medium, such as fabric or ceramic, using heat and pressure.

This technique of printing is particularly popular for its ability to reproduce intricate and colourful designs with a high level of precision. It also allows for small batch or one-off prints, making it a cost-effective option for personalised items or limited edition products. 

There are several types of digital transfer, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. These include heat transfer, sublimation, and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.


Leather and PVC items such as compendiums, wallets, travel holders, wine carriers, etc are generally decorated using embossing. This process involves stamping the item leaving an impression in the product. It can also be foil stamped with either silver or gold foil.

Pad Printing

A process whereby ink is applied directly to the surface of the product via a flexible silicone pad leaving a colour print on items such as plastic, metal (including coated metals), vinyl, polyurethane, leather, glass, aluminium, stainless steel and wood. This process is suited to producing small, intricate designs to both 2 and 3-dimensional products.

Other useful information on decorating:
Setup Fees

Initial set up fees apply with nearly every form of decoration and are generally quoted independently to the decoration costs. These fees cover such things as putting an image into positive or negative film, setting up a printing plate, digitising logo etc.. This can be an extensive process which is why fees are charged. After the first decoration run, most methods have a reduced or no set-up fee for repeat runs.


Artwork: If we do not already have your design, please supply suitable vector art (.eps, .ai, .svg, .cdr, .pdf )
Bitmaps such as .gif, png, .tiff or .jpg , or .pdf files only acceptable in certain cases. Designs embedded in Word or Excel rarely useable. Ultimately we can overcome almost all art issues so feel free to call us to discuss.

PDF artwork: To tell if the art in a PDF is vector or bitmap, simply use the zoom tool to enlarge it; if it goes jaggy and pixelated then it's a bitmap, if the lines stay straight then it's vector art.

Artwork suitability: With some print methods shaded areas or two-tone areas may require an extra colour print to reproduce. Please send us your design to verify that it will reproduce as quoted.

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